It started, as so many stories do, with CA SuperCalc and Borland dBase IV.

Very soon this became MS Excel & Access and over the years a whole host of other data & reporting tools have been learnt and used.

But constant throughout is Data.

Data is a hard taskmaster. Data does not care about your wants and needs. Data does not care how you categorise or manipulate it. Data was here long before you and it will be there long after you are gone.

Yet, Data is not cold and lifeless. Au contraire, mon capitan! It lives! It flows from application to process to database to report and back again. It moves through the organisation and breathes life into your activities.

So, I listened to Data, asking questions, softly & quietly, when they were required. Understanding where Data originated and when, where it had travelled and how it had been changed in its journey to get to me. And then I followed it, as it continued its adventures until I was lost to it and it went over the hills and far away.

And sometimes Data would talk back. Oh, such sweet, precious secrets and insights were freely given.

This is how my story continues – listening to the Data, whispering when required, and showing those insights in Excel & Power BI.

My Résumé in Power BI